Do your customers ask you to apply special quality criteria to your end products? Do you manufacture in accordance with specified guidelines? Do you want to save energy over the whole manufacturing process?

KOCH dryers can be easily integrated as components in conveyor systems. Pre-drying materials improves their chemical properties, makes them flow better, guarantees the strength of the and product and has many other benefits. We offer dry air dryers which dry any materials, as you require. If drying is required immediately before processing, our mobile dryers in the KKT range or our very small COMKO dryer are the ones to choose. The latter is top-mounted directly on the processing machine. This is of the utmost mportance with strongly hygroscopic materials.

KOCH dryers offer these benefits:

– They dry hygroscopic substances such as PA, PC, POM, LCP etc.

– With fully automatic dew point control from -30°C to -55°C

– Residual humidity is less than 0.02 g H O/m³

– They come with the patented KOCH energy saving programmme

– Mobile, or integrated permanently in the central conveyor system

– Advice, planning, production and installation tailored fully to your requirements

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